Submissions for London Irish Play Festival

Fancy seeing your worked read out by professional actors?


The contest is open to everyone who is Irish or part of the Irish Diaspora, no matter your age or level of education who is resident in the UK. The theme for the next festival  is  ‘Against The Odds’  with all the plays examining the lives of Irish people who have, in some way, contributed to British life.

Rules of entry
  1. Entry to the competition is free.
  2. Your play should be typed .
  3. This competition must  be entered online
  4. Plays submitted should be for stage presentation only.
  5. They must NOT have been previously staged.
  6. Only one-act plays with a performance time on 60-75minutes  will be considered
  7. The play must incorporate the theme of  Against The Odds. We are interested in stories that show contributions made by an Irish individual(s) to life in Britain particularly when that contribution has involved a struggle of a personal, social or political nature.
  8. The play can be factual or imagined so long as the ‘imagining’ is rooted in historical fact.
  9. As the plays will take place in a London Fringe theatre, writers should be aware that only basic stage furniture i.e. tables and chairs will be available for the staging.
  10. Please keep the cast to a maximum of 4 actors. You may have a member of the cast playing more than one role but please note that the producer will only allocate four actors to the play.
  11. As all plays will be read ‘anonymously’ please ensure that your name and contact details only appear on the contact sheet at the front of your play. The contact sheet must include: your full name, your postal address, your email address and your telephone number. It can also include the name under which you write.
  12. Please email  entries to
  13. Closing date is 30th June 2017. The winner will be notified on July 31st
  14. The adjudicators’ verdict is final and no correspondence shall be entered into regarding individual competition entries. Only the winner will be notified, although the details of the winner will appear on this webpage on July 31st 2017.
  15. A winner may not be announced where an appropriate standard is not achieved.
  16. No critique on entries shall be given.
  17. The winning play will be staged as part of the Against All Odds Festival.

The adjudicating panel did not announce a winner. The playwriting festival has been postponed until Spring 2018