Call for Submissions

Green Curtain CIC Theatre was set up to encourage new writing of plays about being Irish in the UK. We offer opportunities for new writers to have their work performed throughout the year.

Short pieces
Take a look at this page if you would like to write a monologue or playlet on the subject of leaving Ireland for England or vice versa.

We are currently looking for 15 minute play lets as part of our “Shows From the Songs” series. Please on this link if you want to find out more.

We are also looking for one act plays for our festival of new writing, the theme of which is “Against the Odds”. Click click here if you want to find out about what we are looking for and how to submit a play.

Regarding other submissions, please be aware that we are a small company and we do not put on work that has been sent to us on spec. We simply do not have the staff or the money to do this.