Playwriting course

Would you like to try your hand at playwriting?

Yes ? That’s great. Writing a play can be great fun. Writers start with a blank sheet of paper and create characters to bring to life. There are no rules to restrict what you can write about or which characters you can create. It’s up to you.

As many people, who would like to write a play are not sure where to start, we have created this short self paced course to help you get started. There are many ways to start writing a play and this course is just one way.

About our playwriting course

Our course will take you from choosing theme to creating a plot. Although the course takes you through a series of steps it is not a good idea to think of playwriting as a linear process. You are unlikely to create a play by working through a series of steps one at a time, ticking off each step as you complete it.  Instead playwriting might be thought of as an iterative process. This means that you will probably return to something you have written in one of the earlier steps, revise your thinking and move on, continually revising your thoughts.

Getting Started

For some the motivation for writing a play is to explore a theme. In this short course we show you how you can take a theme and turn it into a plot.

I will use the story of Cinderella to illustrate each stage of the process. Many people think of Cinderella as a light fairy story but take away the fairy godmother and the magical ending and what do you have? A young girl who has lost her mother, whose weak father has remarried a woman who does not like her step daughter. A vengeful step mother who maltreats Cinderella and encourages her daughters to do the same. A family living in a country where female beauty is so highly valued that anyone who does not have the right looks is at an extreme disadvantage. A country where the rich and powerful can get away with abusing their domestic servants. Themes which would not be out of place in today’s society.

I have chosen to use this story for two reasons:

Firstly because it is a story with which everyone is familiar; click on the link to read the version that I have used.

Secondly because it has a structure that allows me to illustrate the various points that I wish to make.

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