Finding Love in the UK

Picture of loveDo you have  a story true or otherwise about someone from another country who came to the UK and found love? Could this story tell us something about different approaches to dating that would make us laugh? Or something sad that would make us think?

Could you turn this story into a short monologue or playlet that could be performed by actors? If so we loved to hear it.

The people in your stories can come from anywhere : Ireland or another European country, the Caribbean area, Africa, Asia, Australasia or the Americas. We don’t mind if your characters found love when they were young , positively ancient or somewhere in between. We don’t care who they fell in love with or whether it is fact or fiction. All we require is interesting pieces that tell us something about falling in love away from home.

So get your writing pens and pencils out and get cracking. There is no time to lose as we need the pieces by midnight on Saturday February 2nd 2019.

Listen here to one of our previous monologue winners from ‘Our Every Picture Tells a Story” writing competition based on Irish paintings:
15. A grasp om reality by Jimmy Lawlor

Paddy by Jules Garvey Walsh inspired by the painting “A Firm Grasp Reality”  performed by Paul Lavery



13.Leaving It All Behind by Jimmy LawlorLeaving It All Behind by Nick Maynard inspired by the painting “Leaving It All Behind” was performed by Kevin Bohan





1. All entries must be typed and submitted online
2.The work must take no longer than 7 minutes to perform.
3. All monologues and playlets must be set in the UK .
4. Entries must be sent to
5.A maximum of two actors will be available for each piece
6.All entries should be original and not have been submitted previously
7.Please ensure that you name and address are on a separate page to your writing
8.Entries must be submitted by midnight on February 2nd February
9.We will contact you if your work has been selected by Sunday 10th February.
10. The selected pieces will be recorded by professional actors and made accessible on our website. Should an opportunity arise your work may be performed in front of a live audience.
11.As we are an unfunded, theatre production company, we cannot pay you a fee for your work.
13.We regret that we are unable to enter into any correspondence about the pieces.




How to Write a Monologue for Performance
12th January 2019         10.30 -16.30
Click here for more information and to book.
Cost £20 plus booking fee

How to Write a 10 Minute Playlet
9th February 2019          10.30 -16.30
Cost £20 plus booking fee

Playwriting Essentials – Characterisation and  Plot
9 March 2019                      10.30 -16.30
Cost £20 plus booking fee