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Our Current Productions

"Community Service" and "Just Above Dogs"

Image-play Community Service character Cecily

Two plays to be performed as part of the Camden Festival at the London Irish Centre.

Community Service

“Would you like me to cook you something?”

“As long as you don’t try to poison me.”

“Don’t tempt me.”

Newly arrived Cecily must support reclusive Noreen as part of her Community Service Order following a road traffic accident. How will these two very different characters cope? Will they survive the time they must spend together? Can friendship be forged across the generations?

Just Above Dogs

“More cows? Sure the one was all he had to scrape together something on most days……that’s why our history is different son….you don’t know what too few ‘something days’ and the ‘too many nothing days’ are. I do. That’s why I left and that’s why I’ll never go back.”

Irish Londoner and media graduate Cian wants to speak to hostel resident Dessi, who he hopes can assist him with his documentary about Irish builders. Why is Dessi so reluctant to help him? What will this teach him about his own identity?

Image-play Just above Dogs characters Cian and Dessi