About Us

“Like oil lamps, we put them out the back — of our houses, of our minds.”
Eavan Boland – The Emigrant Irish

For centuries Great Britain has been home to a large Irish population. Green Curtain theatre was set up in 2011 to produce new work for this Irish community. We provide opportunities for writers, actors and directors drawn from, but not  exclusively, the Irish diaspora in Great Britain.

Since our inception we have staged eleven new plays in Fringe Theatres and other venues around the London area. We have organised two play festivals and two ‘on site’ productions at Wandsworth Prison and the Palace of Westminster as well as a number of “Shows From the Songs” and evenings of new writing.

We  run ‘writing competitions’ to encourage and give writers of varying experience the opportunity to write about their heritage with a view to performance. To date we have run competitions to encourage connections with history, art and Irish music.

Chosen pieces are either staged or recorded by professional actors. The audio pieces are available on this website. We also hold writing workshops throughout the year.

Details of  our competitions can be found under Writing Opportunities – the recorded work under “Listen to Our Spoken Pieces” and “Videos”

Centenary of the Death of Terence MacSwiney- Lord Mayor of Cork , Brixton Prison 1920.

Our latest production : a piece of Lockdown Theatre called “The Woven Dream”  has been produced to mark this event. You can to view it on this website and YouTube.

Click here to view the trailer. Updates will be posted on our Facebook page.

Listen to Green Curtain’s director Anne Curtis being interviewed by Marian Larragy from Camden Community Radio